Providing a long standing tradition of excellence in education

To ensure a long standing tradition
of excellence whereby our learners receive quality, enriching and engaging education within a nurturing environment.

Welcome to 


Pre-Primary School

A warm welcome to Milnerton Pre-Primary School, providing quality education whilst nurturing the whole child in a safe environment where learning happens through play. Our Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT) is English.  MPPS has excellent indoor and outdoor facilities and is well equipped. The spacious and bright classrooms have various learning areas comprising of activities such as puzzles, educational games, construction, art, numeracy, literacy, music and movement. Milnerton Pre-Primary is a registered independent ECD school offering Gr R, and is not affiliated to any primary school. Our core values and principles are Christian whilst we accept many other diverse religions and cultures. At the heart of our school is the belief that children are drawn to experience, to learning and to each other.

Our vibrant and nurturing school environment is made possible by our staff school family who are committed to the preschool sector in education. All our staff are qualified within their profession and all of our teaching staff are Paediatric First Aid (ECD – Childhood Emergencies) trained. Together we aim to provide every child with stimulating and creative learning experiences preparing them for formal schooling and supporting every aspect of their preschool development.

At Milnerton Pre-Primary we encourage parental involvement and believe in comprehensive communication between the school and our families, thereby building a positive relationship with mutual respect. We do this through weekly teacher letters, our School D6 Communicator and many other publications.

Becoming a preschooler is an important milestone in your little one’s life.
We hope to become a memorable contribution to their precious journey!

Mission & Vision

To ensure a long standing tradition of excellence whereby our learners receive quality, enriching and engaging education within a nurturing environment.

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive educational experience for each child to develop a curiosity for learning, discover their interests and grow in independence to discover the world around them. We will do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which all children enjoy their pre-school years, achieve their potential and become life-long learners

“play is the highest form of research”

– Albert Einstein

Our Story

Milnerton Pre-Primary School was established in 1950 and operated from a room in the Jansen Town Hall. In 1963 Caltex Refinery donated a pre-fab  building to the Municipality for use as a Nursery School. A local Nursery School Association was established. The pre-fab building needed to be replaced and the Milnerton Town council was approached. The Council gave the land for a nominal rental and granted a loan for the building to be built. In 1973, Mrs. A Marais, the mayoress of Milnerton at the time, officially opened the building. The building had three classrooms and a storeroom.  The second phase of the building was done in 1986 where two additional classrooms were a added.

Milnerton Pre-Primary School for children aged 3- 6 years of age is registered with the Western Cape Education Department, Department of Social Development and is an independent Early Childhood Development center. 

The pre-school is an Association not for Gain. Over the years the school has grown substantially with the assistance of community support and is governed by a management committee consisting of the school principal and current parents. 

Due to the progressive expansion of the school environment, Milnerton Pre-Primary School continues to strive by providing a long standing tradition of excellence in education.