Grade 000: Penguin Class Age 3-4 years

Our littlies in the Penguin Class follow our
Pre-Early Childhood Development (ECD) Preschool Programme.
The class teacher and assistant class teacher understand that at this age children develop a greater independence of self, however, still have a strong need for one on one affection and attention. For this purpose our Penguin Class consists of 20 children thereby securing a more intimate learning environment.

Pre-Gr R: Blue and Yellow Class Age 4-5 years

Our Pre-Gr R classrooms consist of 26 children in each with a fully qualified and experienced class and assistant class teacher.
They too, follow our Pre-Early Childhood Development (ECD) Preschool Programme. Classrooms are equipped with age appropriate educational games and apparatus. Activities are carefully planned to ensure each child is engaged and enjoys their learning experiences.

Gr R: Reception Year Green and Red Class Age 5-6 years

Our Grade R (Reception year) children are encouraged to find independence within the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), laid out by the Western Cape Education Department. Teachers provide an engaging and enriching learning environment for children to create, grow and learn to ensure they progress into formal schooling successfully.